Using the Term “Displaced” Instead of Adopted

Earlier this year, I wrote this caption on my Instagram page @anadopteewriter on using the term "displaced" instead of saying that I was adopted. Overall, I had positive responses to this verbiage; however, there are still aspects of displacement that I have yet to explore. I wrote about how adoption has always had a positive… Continue reading Using the Term “Displaced” Instead of Adopted

National Adoption Awareness Month 2020

For this year's National Adoption Awareness Month (NAAM), I am dedicating posts to covering recent adoption topics and more. National Adoption Awareness Month first started as an initiative to spread awareness of the need for permanent families for youth in the U.S. foster system. Although it was originally intended to focus on spreading awareness of… Continue reading National Adoption Awareness Month 2020

A Deeply Personal Journey of Learning Mandarin (Part I)

Note: There has been a lot that's been going on in the adoptee community lately and I plan on covering more of those topics in the near future. At the moment, I don't have a lot of emotional space right now to cover some of them, but those posts will be coming soon. Many times… Continue reading A Deeply Personal Journey of Learning Mandarin (Part I)