An Asian Adoptee addressing #StopAsianHate

As a Chinese Adoptee, I've often been told that I wasn't "Asian enough" to join conversations in Asian spaces. Hearing about the tragic shooting in Atlanta just weeks ago along with the slurry of anti-Asian hate crimes that have abounded since COVID-19 has reminded many people, including adoptees, of the racism that Asian Americans experience… Continue reading An Asian Adoptee addressing #StopAsianHate

Using the Term “Displaced” Instead of Adopted

Earlier this year, I wrote this caption on my Instagram page @anadopteewriter on using the term "displaced" instead of saying that I was adopted. Overall, I had positive responses to this verbiage; however, there are still aspects of displacement that I have yet to explore. I wrote about how adoption has always had a positive… Continue reading Using the Term “Displaced” Instead of Adopted

Making Dumplings for the First Time as a Chinese Adoptee

My homemade pork and vegetable dumplings with wrappers made from scratch. Photo Credit: Alyse MeiLan Last weekend I set off on an endeavor to make Chinese dumplings from scratch. As a Chinese adoptee who grew up in the United States I haven't made food from China that often, but I was inspired to make them… Continue reading Making Dumplings for the First Time as a Chinese Adoptee

Adoption and Media Representation

Cover image credit: Content shared to @anadopteewriter on Instagram. Created by: Alyse MeiLan Adoptees and Media Representation 🎬 // Recently, a middle grade book titled “The Unadoptables” was released by a major publishing house. Unfortunately, it was another instance of adoption being portrayed in an insensitive way. Not only does the title bring up… Continue reading Adoption and Media Representation