Stationary I Use Daily (Minimalist and Modern)

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a soft spot for stationary. The feeling of crisp, smooth paper or new highlighters excite my senses. Recently, I've been trying to find stationary that is both elegant and functional: combining both Japanese and western brands into my favorite combinations. Below are some of my favorite… Continue reading Stationary I Use Daily (Minimalist and Modern)

My Zero Waste Cleaning Routine

Over the past few years, I've tried to make my cleaning routine sustainable through using non-toxic, "zero waste" products. After many attempts and after trying several options, I've settled on a handful of products. These products are the ones that I found were worth the investment and that were also less expensive than other refill… Continue reading My Zero Waste Cleaning Routine

What Teaching taught me about Time Management

There's no doubt that teachers are some of the most busy people around. From arriving at work around 7am and hitting the ground running, to grading a huge stack of papers on the weekends - time management is a necessity for teachers. As a high school English teacher and a graduate student for the past… Continue reading What Teaching taught me about Time Management