Stationary I Use Daily (Minimalist and Modern)

Anyone who knows me well knows that I have a soft spot for stationary. The feeling of crisp, smooth paper or new highlighters excite my senses. Recently, I’ve been trying to find stationary that is both elegant and functional: combining both Japanese and western brands into my favorite combinations.

Below are some of my favorite pieces:

The Cloth and Paper personal sized planner with “personal wide” dated inserts. (Photo Credit: Alyse MeiLan)

First, I have to start with my planner. This is from Cloth and Paper, a company that specializes in executive-style planners and stationary. I love their minimalist and elegant designs as well as the fact that you can customize what inserts you add to your planner. While the planner covers are on the pricy end (Well over $100), but I know I will be keeping this one for many years to come. You can choose between A5 and personal-sized planners, and select different “landing pages” and finishes. I prefer the personal size because it can fit in my purse, but I have selected personal wide inserts for it because I appreciate having more space to write in my agenda.

The “Plan B” pouch from (Photo Credit: Alyse MeiLan)

My second item is a half-pencil pouch half-electronics pouch I found on This Plan B pouch is my go-to for storing my laptop charger, highlighters, and sticky notes. I wanted a sort of “catch-all” for many items that are part of my workspace but don’t often end up in an actual pencil case. This pouch is also very useful for many items that might fall to the bottom of your bag if you’re on the go; so I would say it’s a win-win solution for the office, school, or just in general.

Assorted highlighters. (Photo Credit: Alyse MeiLan)

Last but not least, are my favorite tools. While I don’t necessarily have a favorite pen at the moment, I do use an assortment of highlighters for reading, studying Mandarin, and more. I’ve had the Mildliners and Tombows for quite some time, but just recently added the Two Way Liners from

Highlighting is one of my favorite ways to stay organized and to read, so having one of these on hand is always a great idea. Plus, I love how all of these colors are more neutral/muted so I can use them in my planner or in books without the colors being too bright as well.

Overall, stationary is one of my favorite things to collect and to use. If you have any stationary recommendations, feel free to leave them below!

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